Verification and Validation Assessment in Genetic Counseling and Testing

Ekaterina Auer

Ekaterina Auer and Wolfram Luther

University of Applied Sciences Wismar

University of Duisburg-Essen




In this talk, we apply reliable verification and validation analysis in the context of risk assessment, genetic counseling and testing with the focus on breast cancer. This process is highly affected by uncertainty. However, reliability of test interpretations and counseling conclusions is especially important since they have direct influence on humans and their decisions. Based on multi-criteria binary decision trees and interval analysis, we extend the referral screening tool, designed to facilitate referral of patients at risk of breast cancer for genetic counseling and testing, with three further available risk assessment tools for this purpose, which has the advantage of providing more information about the subject and takes into account bigger proband groups.




Discussion Room: Validation and Verification Assessment of Genetic Counseling and Testing


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