Promotion of Continuous Use of a Self-guided Mental Healthcare System by Using a Chatbot

Boyu Sun


  T. Kamita, A. Matsumoto, T. Ito, and T. Inoue    

University of Tsukuba



Although the stress check registration has been introduced in Japan as a measure to employee mental disorders in companies, there are few employees who wish to have an interview with an industrial physician even if they receive a high stress judgment. Thus, promotion of self-care is required at the same time. The authors developed the digital content from the SAT counseling method, a VR self-guided mental health care system that used the content, and found its stress reduction effect. Then, we developed a chatbot system on a smartphone that used the content, and also found its stress reduction effect. In this study, we conducted a two-week longitudinal study of the chatbot system, and found promotion effect for continuous use as well as the stress reduction effect.




Discussion Room: Promotion of Continuous use of a Self-Guided Mental Healthcare System by Uusing a Chatbot


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